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When working on an improvement iteration, which concept helps to ensure that the iteration activities remain appropriate in changing circumstances?

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What is MOST LIKELY to be handled as a service request?

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Which is a financially valuable component that can contribute to the delivery of a service?

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Which of the following includes configuring components and activities to facilitate outcomes for stakeholders?

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What can a change schedule be used for?

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Which statement about outcomes is CORRECT?

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What is used as a tool to help define and measure performance?

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Which practice would be MOST involved in assessing the risk to services when a supplier modifies the contract they offer to the organization?

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Which is the MOST important stakeholder group that a service provider needs to collaborate with?

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Which statement about emergency changes is CORRECT?

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Which practice MOST requires staff who demonstrate skills such as empathy and emotional intelligence?

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Which is an example of a service request?

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Which activity is NOT recommended by the start where you are' guiding principle?

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Which step of the 'continual improvement model' defines measurable targets?

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What should remain constant within an organization, even when the organization's objectives change?

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Which is a key element of the 'think and work holistically' guiding principle?

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How is a continual improvement register used?

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Which is the definition of an IT asset?

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Which service value chain activity deals with the purchase of new products?

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Which practice ensures that service actions, that are a normal part of service delivery, are effectively handled?

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What is defined as "the role that uses services?

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Which practice handles all pre-defined user-initiated service actions?

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What is defined as "any component that needs to be managed in order to deliver an IT service"?

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Which of the following is the MOST important for effective incident management?

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When using the �continual improvement model, which information should be produced by an organization to understand where the organization is now?

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For which purpose would the continual improvement practice use a SWOT analysis?

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Which practice has a purpose that includes the management of financially valuable components that can contribute to the delivery of an IT service?

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Why should a service level agreement include bundles of metrics?

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Which is a key requirement for successful service level agreements (SLAs)?

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What is the difference between the 'incident management' and 'service desk' practices?

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Which TWO of the following statements are MOST associated with the optimize and automate' guiding principle?
1. It is important to assess which method of communication is appropriate 'or each type of stakeholder.
2. Complex systems should be designed with an understanding of how the components' parts are related.
3. Organizations should consider whether technology could improve the eficiency o' manual processes.
4 It is important to understand the organization's objectives when assessing the impact of potential improvements.

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Identify the missing word in the following sentence.
Sponsor is the role that authorizes budget for service [?)

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Which value chain activity is concerned with the availability of service components?

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Which is part of the value proposition of a service?

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Which is included in the purpose of the 'improve' value chain activity?

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Which is the BEST type of resource for investigating complex incidents?

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Which TWO BEST describe the guiding principles?
Short term Standards Recommendations

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Which of the four dimensions contributes MOST to defining activities needed to deliver services?

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Which phase of problem management includes the regular re-assessment of the effectiveness of workarounds?

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Which organization delivers output or outcomes of a service?

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