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When working on an improvement iteration, which concept helps to ensure that the iteration activities remain appropriate in changing circumstances?

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What is the definition of �service management�?

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Which practice balance management of risk with maximizing throughput?

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What is MOST LIKELY to be handled as a service request?

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What is included in the purpose of the ‘release management’ practice?

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Which is a financially valuable component that can contribute to the delivery of a service?

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Which of the following includes configuring components and activities to facilitate outcomes for stakeholders?

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Which is described by the �organizations and people� dimension of service management?

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Which statement about outcomes is CORRECT?

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Which practice would be MOST involved in assessing the risk to services when a supplier modifies the contract they offer to the organization?

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What type of change is often used for resolving incidents or implementing security patches?

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Which is an example of a service request?

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Which activity is NOT recommended by the start where you are’ guiding principle?

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What should remain constant within an organization, even when the organization’s objectives change?

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Which practice ensures that a variety of access channels are available for users to report issues?

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Which is a description of service provision?

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How is a continual improvement register used?

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Which service value chain activity deals with the purchase of new products?

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When using the �continual improvement model, which information should be produced by an organization to understand where the organization is now?

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Identify the Missing word(s) in the following sentence
A(n) [?] cause, or potential cause, of one or more incidents?

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Which practice requires focus and effort to engage and listen to the requirements, issues, concerns and daily needs of customers?

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Which practice has a purpose that includes the management of financially valuable components that can contribute to the delivery of an IT service?

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Why should a service level agreement include bundles of metrics?

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What is the difference between the ‘incident management’ and ‘service desk’ practices?

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Which is described by the ‘organizations and people’ dimension of service management?

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Which practice has a purpose that includes managing risks to confidentiality, integrity and availability?

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Which value chain activity is concerned with the availability of service components?

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Which BEST describe the focus of the ‘think and work holistically’ principle?

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Which is part of the value proposition of a service?

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Which is included in the purpose of the ‘improve’ value chain activity?

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Which is the BEST type of resource for investigating complex incidents?

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Which is an input to the service value system?

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Which TWO BEST describe the guiding principles?
Short term Standards Recommendations

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Which of the four dimensions contributes MOST to defining activities needed to deliver services?

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Which role would is MOST SUITABLE for someone with experience of managing relationships with various stakeholders, including suppliers and business managers?

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Which phase of problem management includes the regular re-assessment of the effectiveness of workarounds?

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Which organization delivers output or outcomes of a service?

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What ensures that a service provider and a service consumer continually co-create value?

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Which of the following is included in the purpose of the ‘continual improvement’ practice?

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Which is the FIRST thing to consider when focusing on value?

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