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Which benefit is MOST aligned with the guiding principle ‘progress iteratively with feedback’?

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What is the purpose of the �monitoring and event management� practice?

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hen using the ITIL continual improvement model, which information should be produced by an organization in order to understand where the organization is now?

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Which �service level management� activity helps staff to deliver a more business-focused service?

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Which is an activity of �problem identification�?

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hich practice improves customer and user satisfaction by reducing the negative impact of service interruptions?

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In which situation will incident management USUALLY use a separate process?

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What is the definition of warranty?

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What is the MOST important reason for prioritizing incidents?

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hich phase of problem management includes analysing incidents to look for patterns and trends?

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Which statement about value streams is CORRECT?

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hich guiding principle leads to a faster response to customer needs by timeboxing activities and learning from the outputs of previous activities?

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hich practice facilitates operational communication between the service provider organization and users in the service consumer organization?

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hich facilitates outcomes that customers want to achieve?

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ow should an organization prioritize incidents?

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Which is a low risk change that has been pre-approved so that no additional authorization is needed?

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When is the earliest that a workaround can be documented in �problem management�?

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hich is a recommendation of the guiding principle ‘think and work holistically’?

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Which describes the ‘plan’ value chain activity?

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A user contacts the service desk to ask how they can create a report. Which practice is MOST LIKELY to contribute to resolving this issue?

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How can a service consumer contnbute to the reduction of nsk?

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hich value chain activity ensures a shared understanding of the current status and required direction for all products and services?

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hich practice ensures that any addition, modification, or removal of anything that could have an effect on services is assessed and authorized?

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Which is a use of the change schedule?

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What is the purpose of the �deployment management� practice?

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hich practice recommends that organizations develop competencies �n techniques such as strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat (SWOT) analysis, and balanced scorecards?

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Why should a service level manager carry out regular service reviews?

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Which Practice includes management of workarounds and known errors?

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Which of the following is included in the purpose of the ‘continual improvement’ printer?

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Which includes governance, management practices, and continual improvement?

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Identity the missing word(s) in the blowing sentence.
The purpose of the problem management practice is to reduce the likelihood and impact o’ incidents by identifying actual and potential causes of incidents, and managing workarounds and [?].

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hich will help solve incidents more quickly?

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Which is the BEST example of a standard change?

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Identify the missing word in the following sentences.
A service is a means of enabling value co-creation by facilitating [?] that customers want to achieve, without the customer having to manage specific costs and risks.

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Which ITIL concept helps an organization to make good decisions?

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Which step of the continual improvement model includes baseline assessments?

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What is defined as a change of state that has significance for the management of an IT service?

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Which is provided by the �engage� value chain activity?

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Which dimension is MOST concerned with skills, competencies, roles and responsibilities?

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hat is the MAIN benefit of ‘problem management’?

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