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What is the FINAL step in the waterfall method for contingency planning?

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Which of the following is the BEST technique to facilitate secure software development?

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The security team has been tasked with performing an interface test against a front-end external facing application and needs to verify that all input fields protect against invalid input. Which of the following BEST assists this process?

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Which of the following will accomplish Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?

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Which of the following BEST describes the standard used to exchange authorization information between different identity management systems?

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An organization seeks to use a cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM) provider whose protocols and data formats are incompatible with existing systems. Which of the following techniques addresses the compatibility issue?

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Physical Access Control Systems (PACS) allow authorized security personnel to manage and monitor access control for subjects through which function?

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Organization A is adding a large collection of confidential data records that it received when it acquired Organization B to its data store. Many of the users and staff from Organization B are no longer available.
Which of the following MUST Organization A do to properly classify and secure the acquired data?

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A security professional should ensure that clients support which secondary algorithm for digital signatures when a Secure Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension (S/MIME) is used?

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Which of the following BEST describes botnets?

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When developing the entitlement review process, which of the following roles is responsible for determining who has a need for the information?

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The Secure Shell (SSH) version 2 protocol supports

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Why are packet filtering routers used in low-risk environments?

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Which of the following is an advantage of Secure Shell (SSH)?

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Which of the following techniques is effective to detect taps in fiber optic cables?

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A project requires the use of an authentication mechanism where playback must be protected and plaintext secret must be used. Which of the following should be used?

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An audit of an application reveals that the current configuration does not match the configuration of the originally implemented application. Which of the following is the FIRST action to be taken?

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What type of attack sends Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) echo requests to the target machine with a larger payload than the target can handle?

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Which of the following is the PRIMARY issue when analyzing detailed log information?

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Which of the following protocols will allow the encrypted transfer of content on the Internet?

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Which of the following provides the GREATEST level of data security for a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection?

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Why would a security architect specify that a default route pointing to a sinkhole be injected into internal networks?

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A security professional should consider the protection of which of the following elements FIRST when developing a defense-in-depth strategy for a mobile workforce?

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Which of the following provides the MOST secure method for Network Access Control (NAC)?

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Which of the following will an organization’s network vulnerability testing process BEST enhance?

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Why should Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Application Security Verification Standards (ASVS) Level 1 be considered a MINIMUM level of protection for any web application?

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Which of the following is a canon of the (ISC)2 Code of Ethics?

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Which of the following is a security weakness in the evaluation of Common Criteria (CC) products?

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Which of the following access control models is MOST restrictive?

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In a large company, a system administrator needs to assign users access to files using Role Based Access Control (RBAC). Which option is an example of RBAC?

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What does the result of Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) on new security initiatives provide?

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Which one of the following documentation should be included in a Disaster Recovery (DR) package?

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Digital non-repudiation requires which of the following?

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How should the retention period for an organization’s social media content be defined?

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Which of the following is a MAJOR concern when there is a need to preserve or retain information for future retrieval?

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The application owner of a system that handles confidential data leaves an organization. It is anticipated that a replacement will be hired in approximately six months. During that time, which of the following should the organization do?

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Which of the following is the MOST effective countermeasure against data remanence?

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Which one of the following can be used to detect an anomaly in a system by keeping track of the state of files that do not normally change?

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When defining a set of security controls to mitigate a risk, which of the following actions MUST occur?

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How does security in a distributed file system using mutual authentication differ from file security in a multi- user host?

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