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What best describes a scenario when an employee has been shaving off pennies from multiple accounts and depositing the funds into his own ban account?

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Which Orange book security rating introduces security labels?

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Which of the following best describes the purpose of debugging programs?

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The act of requiring two of the three factors to be used in the authentication process refers to?

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Intellectual property rights are PRIMARY concerned with which of the following?

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Which of the following actions will reduce risk to a laptop before traveling to a high risk area?

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A company whose Information Technology (IT) services are being delivered from a Tier 4 data center, is preparing a companywide Business Continuity Planning (BCP). Which of the following failures should the IT manager be concerned with?

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All of the following items should be included in a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) questionnaire EXCEPT questions that

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In a data classification scheme, the data is owned by the

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What is the second phase of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) key/certificate life-cycle management?

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At what level of the Open System Interconnection (OSI) model is data at rest on a Storage Area Network (SAN) located?

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Which of the following BEST describes an access control method utilizing cryptographic keys derived from a smart card private key that is embedded within mobile devices?

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Users require access rights that allow them to view the average salary of groups of employees. Which control would prevent the users from obtaining an individual employee’s salary?

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What is the BEST approach for controlling access to highly sensitive information when employees have the same level of security clearance?

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An organization is found lacking the ability to properly establish performance indicators for its Web hosting solution during an audit. What would be the MOST probable cause?

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Which of the following types of business continuity tests includes assessment of resilience to internal and external risks without endangering live operations?

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Which of the following is the FIRST step in the incident response process?

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To prevent inadvertent disclosure of restricted information, which of the following would be the LEAST effective process for eliminating data prior to the media being discarded?

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An internal Service Level Agreement (SLA) covering security is signed by senior managers and is in place. When should compliance to the SLA be reviewed to ensure that a good security posture is being delivered?

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What is the ultimate objective of information classification?

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The BEST way to check for good security programming practices, as well as auditing for possible backdoors, is to conduct

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Which of the following BEST represents the principle of open design?

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Which of the following would be the FIRST step to take when implementing a patch management program?

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Which of the following is a method used to prevent Structured Query Language (SQL) injection attacks?

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Which one of the following considerations has the LEAST impact when considering transmission security?

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Which of the following is the MAIN reason that system re-certification and re-accreditation are needed?

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When implementing controls in a heterogeneous end-point network for an organization, it is critical that

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Which one of the following is a fundamental objective in handling an incident?

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A security professional has just completed their organization’s Business Impact Analysis (BIA). Following Business Continuity Plan/Disaster Recovery Plan (BCP/DRP) best practices, what would be the professional’s NEXT step?

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What is the term commonly used to refer to a technique of authenticating one machine to another by forging packets from a trusted source?

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Which of the following methods protects Personally Identifiable Information (PII) by use of a full replacement of the data element?

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What should be the INITIAL response to Intrusion Detection System/Intrusion Prevention System (IDS/IPS) alerts?

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Which of the following does Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP) support?

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The BEST method of demonstrating a company’s security level to potential customers is

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An Intrusion Detection System (IDS) is generating alarms that a user account has over 100 failed login attempts per minute. A sniffer is placed on the network, and a variety of passwords for that user are noted. Which of the following is MOST likely occurring?

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Which one of the following affects the classification of data?

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In a basic SYN flood attack, what is the attacker attempting to achieve?

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Which of the following is the BEST solution to provide redundancy for telecommunications links?

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Refer to the information below to answer the question.
In a Multilevel Security (MLS) system, the following sensitivity labels are used in increasing levels of sensitivity: restricted, confidential, secret, top secret. Table A lists the clearance levels for four users, while Table B lists the security classes of four different files.
Which of the following is true according to the star property (*property)?

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Which of the following is the BEST way to determine if a particular system is able to identify malicious software without executing it?

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